NHS Food Parcel Recipes

Please find here some videos that link to the NHS Lifestyles Booklet helping you make healthy and delicious recipes from the food parcels distributed by The Food Alliance and Yes! Brixham.

Each week (4 weeks in total), there will be 2 recipes from the booklet and a simple sweet recipe that you can cook and share.

You can also visit the Yes! Brixham and Food Alliance website by going to https://www.torbayfoodalliance.org/

Week 1 Recipe: Pasta Bake

Week 1 Recipe: Corned Beef Hash

Week 1 Recipe: Rock Cakes

Week 2 Recipe: Meaty Chilli

Week 2 Recipe: Savoury Pancakes

Week 2 Recipe: Fruit Cobbler

Week 3 Recipe: Quick and Easy Curry

Week 3 Recipe: Chicken Hot Pot

Week 3 Recipe: Rice Pudding

Week 4 Recipe: Spicy Sausage and Rice

Week 4 Recipe: Pasta Bolognese

Week 4 Recipe: Tined Pineapple upside-down cake

This project has now finished. Thank you to all that took part. Please check out our current cooking projects.