Enabling Services

We aim to provide enabling support and support for evening activities and living-well and independently.

We will work with anyone from the age of 14 who has a disability to:

  • Develop and enhance life and daily living skills
  • Help manage money and use money carefully in the community
  • Explore what is on offer in the local community and be included in local events and clubs
  • Stay safe in the local community
  • Help develop travel training skills and promote independence
  • Develop social skills and techniques for behaviour management
  • Be able to access training opportunities, work experience opportunities and supported employment
  • Providing advice, advocacy, emotional support, peer support and befriending
  • Help monitor health and well-being

Turning Heads support packages are bespoke and the individual is always the centre of any enabling plan.
There are clear outcomes set and we believe that developing confidence, resilience and self-belief are the key to what we do.